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C-1 Lit
Behold the newest gadget for the balanced impaired.

Will windshield wipers be an option or accessory?

The C-1 Lit is a fully enclosed self-righting electric cycle-car hybrid. The C-1 has two large gyroscopes that give it the ability to stay upright while at rest. It will supposedly get 220 miles on a charge; go 120 miles an hour; stay upright even if t-boned by an SUV; and can be programmed for stunts. Whether the C-1 will perform as billed or not, it looks like it would be fun to rent for a day.

It seems to me that the C-1 will either be the next over-hyped contraption like the Segway Scooter, or something that will form its own niche market like the Can-Am Spyder or the Smart Car. Judging by the video and pics, it seems to be designed for short day commutes in clear weather.

No matter the stability, I don't like that the C-1 is fully enclosed. How well will it take sharp turns since the computer will perform the leaning via the gyroscopes? At first glance, it appears to have major blind spots and the most sadistically designed passenger seat in the history of transportation.


No headlight?! It will be fun for pedestrians to try to tip these over at stop lights.

What happens when it runs out of electricity? Does it just tip over? ..automatic kickstand?

Can't see the Goldwing or Can-Am losing many sales to the C-1 Lit. The Smart Car might be in trouble though.

Gotta love the seat! Why not use handle bars instead of a steering wheel? An eject button would be nice.

Do the gyros remain active when it's parked?

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Interesting. I saw a show with a yellow car that looked like that last year. I would not mind renting it for an hour or two but, putting that type of cash for that, unheard of. Starting at $24,000 is what they said in the video. I think it would take most of the fun away if there was not a chance you could loose control and die in a fiery
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