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can you explain the benefit of progressive fork springs

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The thread title pretty much says it all, i would really appreciate an explanation of how progressive front fork springs benefit or improve daily riding on our vtxs. I dont want the usual, oh they are so great, or oh the ride is amazing, oh i love them, blah blah blah, i want to know WHY and HOW they improve the ride of a stock vtx. Thanks if you can tell me. :choppersm Bry
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It also stops the common clunk some here and keeps the front end from caving in on a turn and keeps the uncontrollable mushy feeling in a turn. If a bike mushes down in the front in a turn you are going to have time turning and it will want to go straight.

Thanks for the posts, that was exactly what i wanted to know. So for a stiffer ride, i will have less mushiness and possible bottoming out and better control going into tight turns. I gotta be honest, at my ripe old age i dont exactly swoop into those tight turns anymore, and my floorboards are not toooo marked up from dragging on concrete. I am planning a week long ride down the East coast after Labor Day, and one last question about the progressive fork springs is do they give a lot of jolting or impact on the highway expansion lines. thanks again for your input. :mosh: Bry
You will hardly know the difference in stiffness they are progressives and increase the more they are compressed.
They are pretty easy to install. Some say it is one of the best things they do to there bikes.
And no they are not going to jar you to death.
But there are other things that improve the bike too.
But there are other things that improve the bike too.

expound on this will you?
All-Balls steering bearings.
Clutch relief
external A/F adjuster
I have done all of the above and more.
This is where I got mine years ago.


Progressive Suspension front fork springs for VTX1300C and VTX1300S Retro. FREE SHIPPING.

Retail Price: $92.95
Our Price: $70.99
Thanks for that info Doug. Not as bad as I thought they were. :D
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Might even be able to stick those in before my Vegas ride in January. ;)
Easy to install front end has to be off the ground to take most of the weight off the spring. Just be careful when you remove the cap covers (under some light pressure). First loosen top pinch bolts only.
Mine came as one piece and you had to cut it to length. If you increase the length it will give you a stiffer and more firmer ride and is really hard to install because you are physically compressing the spring spring to install the cap nut and the longer the harder it is going to do. Mine is at the shortest I could have my spacer. Some are just installing the stock spacers with good results.

For some reason on my C the progressive springs made my front end feel very rigid and harsh which I hated!! (and it still sat to low in the front with me on it) I originally just used the factory spacers with the new springs so I went in and cut about 1" off them to soften it back up a little and as a bonus the caps are actually pretty easy to get back on now.

Then I added 2" fork extensions to bump the front end up a touch which actually makes it sit & ride level now. Which by luck also did away with almost 90% of the nose dive while stopping fast, and with the forks softer again it rides awesome now. Long story a little shorter... if I knew then what I know now I would have never bought the progressive springs and just went with the 2" extensions instead.
Doug - you can always put the stock spring back in but I think the front end will mush too much in the corners and also when stopping. The oil weight in the forks can also have a big effect in the front. I'd leave the progressive's in and get one of the $5 cheap pumps at harbor freight and remove the oil and experiment with different oil weight.
Doug to Doug lol - been wanting to do that.
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