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Carb issues

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Hey all. Was hoping to get some friendly advice.

I recently bought a 2006 1300C and just hit 500 miles on it. At about 350 miles it started acting up. From a dead stop it has no power unless I give it far more throttle than should be needed to take off. Also, riding along at low rpm I get occasional backfiring and sputtering. I took it back to the stealer but, of course, it wouldn't act up for them and it was a monumental waste of my time. After much reading it seems to me that the idle (slow?) jet is clogged.

My first question is "Have I made the right diagnosis?" and my second is "How hard is it to get to the jets to clean them?" I've torn apart plenty of old Mikunis and beaten on some S&S junk in years past but I am a little leary of tearing into my brand new bike without being certain that I am looking at the right problem and knowing where I'm heading. Hell, I haven't even picked up a service manual yet. Kinda figured since it was new I wouldn't need one for awhile hehehe.
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Sorry to hear about your ride. I had loose carb adjusters on both cables and at each end (one at each end). Tightened them up and had WOT.
Second issue was a loose vac line that controls the fuel from the tank valve to the carb. It eventually fell off and the engine died. Both were at 350 miles and were stealer issues. No, I did not take the bike back and I'm learning to perform my own service with the help from VTX.
Changed oil, Adjusted the valves (all were way too tight at 600 miles).
You may have other issues with the carb situation.
Thanks for the reply and insight. I am still leaning strongly toward a clogged jet tho. Went out today and tried choking it a bit while riding at low speed and, sure enough, both the takeoff problem and the sputtering disappeared. Since it only happens at about 1/4 throttle or less I can't see it being anything that would affect the entire range such as a fuel/vacuum leak. We're going to have crap weather here tomorrow so I'll probably tear it down and have a look.
Well, so far...

I checked the plugs and they were completely soot black! Checked the battery cables and they weren't as snug as I would have liked them but not really loose. Next I checked the fuel and vacuum lines. Didn't see any problems there.

I didin't think I've over-used the choke. I've never had a bike with anything BUT a carb. Guess I'll watch that a bit closer from here on in tho.

Now just have to wait for the stinkin' weather to break and see if that did the trick!

Thanks to all for your advice.
After all of that...

Haven't had a break in weather/work until this weekend to test things.

Cleaning the plugs did absolutely nothing. It was still sputtering and coughing at less than 1/4 throttle. So I Ran it down to almost empty then I refueled and added a good fat dose of Seafoam. About 30-40 minutes after the problem disappeared completely. Maybe it was bad gas or a clog or even both. All I know is I'm happy its gone and I didn't have to tear anything down! :icon_mrha
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