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It is a mistake to try too hard to get the settings correct the first time. Every bike is different and the optimum settings on your bike are likely to differ from another bike even if the two bikes have identical setups (air filter, airbox, pipes, etc.). Removing the airbox, dash, and tank to access the carb is easy. When I was tuning the carb on my wife's bike, I could pull everything necessary off the bike and have it ready to change carb setup in about 10 minutes. You should start with whatever carb settings are recommended to you and if those work well, then great. You are done. In the likely event they do not work optimally, just follow the tuning steps in the "Carb, what effects what" thread and you will be able to quickly and easily tune your carb settings/jets to their optimum performance. Do not fear removing and reinstalling the airbox, dash, and tank. Also, you should think about decapping the airbox and installing a high flow air filter (e.g. K&N) before you begin this tuning process. Also do the pair valve mod if not already done.
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