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changes over the years

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So being new to the world of the VTX I have some questions about how they've evolved over the years. I guess I'm pretty much interested in the R since thats what I have. My understanding is that they were pretty much the same from 02 thru 04. Changes I've heard about on my 05 are that the coolant tank is up between the cylinders, shocks are different, and the fuel pump moved down by the swingarm pivot rather than in the tank. So I'm asking those of you who know what else changed, when, and why? Did gearing change cause my 05 seems taller in 5th then my buddies 02? :patriot:
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Does yours seem higher geared in all gears or just 5th? If it's in all gears a previous owner might have swapped in a 1300 rear diff. That is a popular mod for people who run the hwy at lot.

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