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I'm in the process of changing my coolant and oil. I've read how to change the coolant, but need some guidance on how to run the bike without the tank. I bought some 3/8 hosing, but how do I connect it to the hose which goes to the petcock? Also what size oil filter do I need? This is my first time performing these services, so the help would be appreciated. Thanks

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You'd basically have the run the 3/8" hose to the fuel side of the petcock using a barb connector/hose connector--whatever you want to call it--just run a long length straight to the carb from the fuel side (I wouldn't recommend this, since you'll waste a lot of fuel disconnecting it, unless you drain it into something clean and then put it back into your tank--which is just messy IMHO).

Here are some aftermarket oil filters you can get at your local auto parts store--you can use a Honda OEM filter if you want, but most of these cost less.

•Purolator Pure One PL14610, about $6.

•Mobil 1 M1-110, about $10.

•Bosch 3323, about $6.

I'd make sure to use silicate-free coolant (Honda HP pre-mix is good stuff), and consider switching over to synthetic bike oil if you're mileage is up there (over initial break-in period).
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