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Charlotte NC June 8th, or so

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The Conestoga is loaded, test runs to work all week to shake the load down. :choppersm

We are heading out from Tulsa the 5th or 6th to visit the daiughter and her hubby in Charlotte NC.

First stop over will be Tunica MS where Joy says "I neve leave less than $300 or $400 ahead". Okay, steak dinner every night if that happens. :hmm2:

We will probably shoot for Ashville the next day, and then a good rest. Get up and shoot into Charlotte and enjoy free symphonies in the park, and all Charlotte has to offer.
In particular the visit with the kids. :icon_peac

We will hit the mountain roads on a side track, then back to I-40 forever through Tennessee. I have to stop in Memphis, say hi to the King.

Maybe Hot Springs Saturday before home in Tulsa Sunday.

So watch for the Retro Conestoga 1800 rolling your way in 10 days.
Jeff & Joy
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1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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