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Clanking In Rear

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i have a 2007 c when i hit bumps there is a clanking in the back of the bike somewhere i thought it was the license plate bracket but it is tight any one have or had this i would appreciate any info

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Clanging in rear?

I just purchased a new 05 1800R and have the same noise. I asked the dealer about it when I was unable to locate it and he said probably play in the driven't shaft. That just sent me back to searching as I've had shaft drives before that didn't have this problem. If you locate the cause please post it, on my bike it's quite loud and distinct but doesn't do it on all bumps.
Thanks I checked my caliper out and there is some slop that may be causing the noise.
Thanks for the other ideas. I've been gone for a couple of days but plan to spend most of fathers day putting around on my bike. I'll try to check some of these out. I did already check the helmet lock though, I wrapped it tight with electrical tape didn't help.
Meta355 It doesnt seem to clunk when brakes are applied it seems to be bumps, I first noticed it idleing over some speed bumps. The brake caliper does have some some slop if I grab it and try to shake it. Could be the problem but I'm going to try to check the shocks and the kickstand idea
1 - 4 of 22 Posts
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