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Clearview Windshield Review, larger windshield

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I now have had my new windshield on for a little over a week. I like it!

This all started because of the turbulent wind issue I was having. I installed Hondaline lowers a LONG time ago and they helped some, but I still had this 70-75+ head shake. It felt like someone was on the back of the bike and just beating on the upper-sides of my helmet. It I put my hands on top of the shield to mimic a taller shield, the wind went away. :hmm2:I'm 6'2" and sitting on an Ultimate BigBoy seat. I am guestimating that my eyes were 3-4" higher than the top of my factory windshield.

I had heard about Clearview Windshields on this forum awhile back, but had never seen a review. Their website has 1 short review.

I ordered the 21" shield (~3" taller than the factory Honda). I wanted to be able to look over the top of the shield (in case of excessive bug buildup, rain, fogged shield).
I also optioned my shield with the tint; it is very light, lighter than factory car tint on a front side window.
5-position vent; very nice for slow speed riding, helps keep me cool while on surface streets or slow moving traffic. If I open the vent all the way during high speed I do get some bobble.
Recurve. Helps push the envelope of air a little higher above your head. Also strengthens the shield a little bit. There is barely a curve on mine but it can be seen.

It took ~3 weeks for my shield to be made. I received emails with quick status updates during the fab of my order. When completed I was notified by phone that my shield was complete but had a defect; there were a couple spots almost like little nicks in the shield well out of view. I told them to ship it and we will see what it looks like. I had a hard time finding them under close inspection, and can't see them while on the bike; also received a discount.

The shield was shipped in a very protective manner (I thought). Plenty of foam surrounding a plastic wrapped shield.

Install is simple. For the Tourer model you use your factory hardware. Remove the trim and rubber grommets from the factory shield and install on the new shield. Take not on how the grommets are turned, one side is thicker than the other. Also, some of the bolts are longer than the others (for the mounting brackets) so keep them separated during disassemble.

Results... Love this thing. I've put about 600mi on it now. The bobble I felt at 70ish is not felt at 80, not at 90, ###mph. I have felt some head shake at high speed while running in to a headwind, but it wasn't as bad as the factory shield. There is still wind noise present, but not head shake. I feel less fatigued on a long ride.

At first it looks like the shield is bending very far backward under high speed. It is just that the shield is taller and just looks like it is bending. My cb antenna is mounted behind the shield and quickly removed any thoughts I had about weakness of my new addition.

For a little over $300, I am very happy with my results and am recommending to others!

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Thanks for the informative and thorough review.

By the way, what lightbar is that you're running? I also have the Honda shield and Honda lowers and was wondering if you had to do anything special to mount it and how you like it.

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