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Recently was having clutch issues:
Hard shift between 1 and 2nd gear, hard getting into 1st, variable (sometimes shifted ok, most times not).
When in gear and clutch engaged, bike did not move forward but made strange noises when moving the bike back and forth.
Replaced clutch, DOT4 fluid, and reservoir had fair amount of sediment (replace every 12K).
Clutch did not slip (anymore than usual, weak springs OEM) when taking off or jumping on it while rolling.
Took the bike over a buck thirty with no apparent issues.

It's a 2003,1800C with 75K on it (original clutch). Suspected slave cylinder or master cylinder problems (sediment) but the noise bothered me and also availability of parts so I took it into the shop. They were curious about the noise also and found only one rivet was left on the inner clutch basket. Was an article about this on VTXOA I believe.
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