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Cobra Boulevard Slashcut Slip On Installation for 2003-2007 VTX 1300S/R

I purchased the Cobra Boulevard Slashcut slip ons for several reasons. Good reviews, price and ease of installation (no header gasket removal/replacement). It was the last mod after a day of mods, all which went smooth and easy, until the Cobras. Installing them was not all that tough, once I figured it out. The instructions that came with them were terrible.

So here is my version.

1) Make sure the bike is on a bike stand or on the ground with the kickstand. I had mine on a jack, put it on the ground for this job.

2) Loosen the muffler clamps on both top and bottom stock mufflers. Make sure they are loose.

3) Remove the two bolts which mount both mufflers to the stock exhaust mounting bracket, towards the back of the top muffler.

4) Once 2 & 3 are completed, grab both mufflers from the rear and slowly work them by jiggling/moving to slip them off the stock header pipes. It was nice to have two people for his job, one to hold the bike/header pipes and one to pull on the stock mufflers. Pull them off and set aside.

5) VERY IMPORTANT. Now remove the stock exhaust mounting bracket/arm that is connected to the frame with two bolts. The voltage regulator is also bolted on the back of this bracket with two bolts and has wires connected to it so when you get the two bolts out of the bracket, be careful not to put too much tension on the connecting wires to the voltage regulator. Remove the regulator bolts and set the old bracket aside.

6) The new black tube bracket mounts with one bolt in the bottom hole where the old bracket was connected. A plug is supplied for the top hole. Before mounting the supplied tube bracket, I loosely connected the bottom Cobra muffler to the bracket. You might loosely connect the top muffler as well. Don’t mount the bracket bolt to frame until step 9.

7) Now bolt on the small supplied triangular regulator bracket to the tubular muffler bracket and mount the regulator.

8) Next put the muffler clamps over the header pipes with nut on back side facing down. Now slip the muffler ends over the header pipes and seat as far as you can.

9) Now loosely bolt the tube muffler bracket to the bottom mounting hole. Make sure that everything looks good, mufflers are seated will on pipes, clamps are on and ready to be tightened, voltage regulator is mounted properly. Now tighten tube bracket frame mount bolt. Put plug in top frame hole.

10) Now tighten the muffler clamps on the header pipes for both mufflers. Consider that you will also be putting hose clamps around this area to hold on the two supplied chrome trim pieces.

11) Now tighten the two bolts for each muffler (bottom first) on tube bracket. It should be good and firm after this.

12) Add the two trim pieces using the supplied hose clamps.

Fire it up and enjoy!
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