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Cobra Slash Cut Exhaust!

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I just put on some Freedom Sharp Curve Radius last week, which means I now have Cobra Deluxe Slashcuts to offer. This is a full system not slip-ons. I've got 3,300 miles on these pipes. There is some discoloration on the top of the rear pipe but not noticeable unless you are right on top of it. $100 OBO+shipping takes them.


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First pipes I ever had. Great sound, not to loud or weak. That's a great price for a set. Cobra always makes good stuff.
I have that Cobra system on my 1300C. Kinda LOUD and bike now runs a little lean. Did you do any carb tuning?
I love mine, i took out the baffles out of mine and they are a little loud but i love them.
What model do these fit? Also 1300 or 1800
I have that Cobra system on my 1300C. Kinda LOUD and bike now runs a little lean.
Did you do any carb tuning?
ZERO carbs on 18's.

FI doesn't care what You do.
thinking of putting a set of Freedoms on my 1800f,how do you like them,sound ext and did you use a fuel management systems also???
I have the freedom pipes on mine. Love them.
I just put the Freedom Performance on my 1800R this past week. I need to find a different map for my PowerCommander 3, as she backfires on decel. Other than that, they are tough!!! Oh, and if you are REAL REAL careful putting them on, go ahead and install the heat shield before you mount the pipes. Be careful to not scratch them, and you'll be much happier than trying to install the shield after putting the pipes on the bike.
Oh, and one thing I had problems with was mounting the rectifier. Took more than 1 1/2 hours to finally figure out how to monkey rig the whole set up...don't know if a regular tire in the back would have made a difference or not...don't really think so. Wound up using the supplied bracket, and one of the spacers and made it work, but what a pain, the pics they supply suck.
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Did you ever sell your pipes? I am interested. Would these fit a 1800 C?
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