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So I did all my VTX fluids with out any problems or hiccups. When I did the coolant, the “burp” for bleeding the lines was rather small. I did top it off and after filling the reserve, it started to overflow a bit. I guess it was a bit too much but after self regulating onto my driveway 🙄 I’m not too worried about it.

Today I’m working on the fluids for a Suzuki Marauder (vz800) again the burp was very small. There is no access to the reserve tank or even fill lines. This tells me Suzuki doesn’t want me to mess with the tank. It’s also a fraction of the size of the vtx reserve. I guess it’s just an emergency overflow and nothing more.

Ok getting to the point…. The Suzuki gas tank and radiator cap are not simple or quick to get to. With such a small burp and no reserve to fill, I’m not sure I topped it off enough. While running the bike, the coolant got steamy hot but the radiator fan did not turn on. Does that imply that the water pump also did not run and I still have air to bleed?

I would really love to not put it all together and take it for a ride to get it super hot only to let it cool, pull it all apart again and re-top it off if I don’t have to.

Any advice is well appreciated 🤷🏼‍♂️😎

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Don't know about Suzuki but in general if coolant is needed it will get sucked out of the overflow. The "burp" is always a minor event just watch the overflow level for month to see if coolant is being pulled back into system. Top off as needed.
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