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Finally got the chance to ride a really exciting and beautiful road, it's called the Coronado trail (highway 191). The road for me started in Safford and the morning turned out to be a little cool. So on with those chaps!

After a hearty breakfast at Jerry's we headed toward Morenci Arizona.

Thats an over the helmet shot!

Before we could get to Morenci we were held up for construction.

They finally let us go on our way.

The road is all high desert to morenci.

I found out taking pictures while driving is do-able not quality though!

Arriving at the open pit called Morenci

And now to the trail!

The trail starts out pretty agressive and can really get your attention if you are not giving the raod the respect it is due.

The trail runs aproximately 110-120 miles and has 400 yes I said 400 switch backs.

There are no places to stop on the switchbacks and when you find a stop it is a welcome rest. The altitude raises to about 9000 feet at the end and you are in pines after 20- 30 miles.

Once you reach the top there is civilization glaring you in the face with 4.10 gas!

I would recommend this ride to anyone!

See ya on the next trip!:choppersm
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A little cool was maybe the high 40s low 50s, hard to say, it was early morning and we were climbing altitude before reaching Safford. Got warmer by time we reached Morenci but left the chaps on anyway.
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I think if you were able to get out here this would be one those rides you would not want to miss. By the way I am kind of curious how long is the dragon and how many switchbacks are there?
In answer to some of the PMs I have received, here ya go.

This shows the route taken from Clifton/Morenci all the way to Springerville.

It's all good!

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Talked to Buda-Jim and maybe we may be riding southeast through New Mexico. Start looking for routes :)
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