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Couple Questions

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Going to be Arizona mid-May.. looking at possible destinations and routes.. just wondering

1. Is 88 heading east out of Tortilla Flats gravel?
2. Is 288 north off of 88 gravel?

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Welcome to AZ in May. Yes, the ride out of Tortilla Flats is graded dirt. Getting to Tortilla Flats can be a pain as the road is not in good condition. The first few miles of 288 are paved, but it does turn to dirt at some point. It is graded, but it is still dirt. Personally, I stay off any dirt road when on my X.

There is a LOT to see and do on 2 wheels in AZ. You will be out here during some of our best riding weather. If you have not been out here before and are looking for some great day rides, drop me a pm.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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