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CP Punisher Bar

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Thinking to buy CP Punisher Bar but I would like to see picture of front and side view on Vtx1300c. Could someone post some pics?

thanks, :bleh:
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I don't have any front view pics but here's a couple I do have, I just wish this was the first thing I did to mine

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Would like to know how much more pull back and rise difference from stock bars the cp punisher has. I am 5'3" and the reach is too far with stock bars.
I never really measured my stock bars to compare the difference but, they advertise 8" rise & 13" pullback, but don't let the #'s worry you at all. At 5'3" I would bet big money these bars are your best buy to be very comfortable. I'm 6'1" and had the same reaching issue and these bars fixed that without a doubt, they actually moved my hands back a little more than I needed but I'm very comfortable and happy I put them on!! The stock cables will work fine if you just relocate them behind the top tree, and adjust it to use some of the slack on the front brake hose down by the front wheel. Or if you prefer them out front like they are now, you'll need to buy some longer cables & brake hose. They also don't have the hole drilled in them for the dimple in the housing, it's not needed to hold them solid so you can just grind off the nub, or drill the hole if you don't like the idea of cutting off the nub.

P.S. To relocate the cables behind the top tree is very simple, just take off the center cap nut & loosen the top pinch bolts on the tubes. Then just lift the top tree off and tuck the cables behind it and reinstall everything and your done.
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Thanks! Was not sure the cp bars would be better than the vtxrisers made by George . I think his product raoses the bars 2"and back 2 1/2". Is there more pull back on the cp bars.
Yes there is more with the CP's, there probably more like 3 1/2" back from stock. For what it's worth I tried some risers first, they helped but not near enough so I ended up buying twice...
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