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Cruiser Performance PUNISHER BARS

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Hello again,
Well I have a question this time, Does anyone out there have the CP Punisher Bars? I was wondering if the stock cables work, the add for the bars does not say this is one of sites they are sold on,
The reviews were good and no one metioned changing cables, just thought I'd check with you guys for any input. Tnanx, BB
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Hey Boop, The C looks great!! You may want to check at JP Cycle and look at the 1 1/2 super radius bars for the VTX. 7 in. rise 15in. pull back. 1 1/2 diam. They run $ 179.00 and are a super looking bar. I'm pretty sure you'll have to reroute the cables behind the trees instead of threw them. Or buy longer cables. Barnett 4 over runs $150.00 at extreme rev. This is for clutch and push pull throtle cables. Front brake line will also run around $ 50.00 for speglier braided 4 over. Hope this helps. :D

I was talking to Rick at Xtreme, And he told me that the Punishers will hit the (dash) or speedo housing if used on Retro or S models with the 6 degree Tree's installed. If putting these bars on a R/S models make sure the trees are not in your future. Just a thought. :hmm2:

Hey Boop don't know if you seen X Dom's post. But if you need some stock R/S cables give me a yell. Got all SS braided on the Ghost including brakes.:D

X-Dom said:
They will fit without changing the cables but if you put the cables from a retro they will look nicer and flow better I also put the brake line from a retro for looks
Good one X-Dom :cheers:
Betty Boop said:
Hey X-Dom
Thanks for the info, I'll have to let GG know I'd be interested in his. I want to take my windshield off when I change bars, can't see covering up those massive bars.
Thanx again BB

Hey GG,
I would definately be interested in the cables. Anything to make it look better. Just let me know what you want for them. I am gonna go back to your photo's and refresh my memory on how the cables lay on yours, they have got to better than mine. right now I am glad the windshield hides most of them. Thanks for the offer, just let me know.
Hey Boop let me see if I can get them all together, I've got junk all over the place. Let you know before the weekend. I guess around a dollar a piece and you pay the freight. Chep enough?
Betty Boop said:
Hi GG,
Yes definately, you sure? Give me a shout when you locate them. I sent you an email also. Thanks again.
Haven't seen a mail yet. But there your's. I'll try to get them all together this weekend.
Bars Are On

Well Boop I got the bars back and installed them today. 1 1/2 Barons 7.5 rise 7in pullback. I run the wires on the inside of the bars. WHAT A PAIN IN THE AS*. I guess you'll do the same. Just tell Hubby to have a few drinks before he starts. I took the pins out of the conecters so I wouldn't have to splice them. I wouldn't want to do that for a living. :D
Good Deal

Betty Boop said:
Hey GG,

Glad you got them on, let me know how they work out! My punisher bars came in yesterday, it will go to a friend who has a shop to put them on, but hubby and I did pull off the old ones today and held them up to make sure they were gonna be closer. Hubby says they looked about the same as the stock with the 2" risers. Just looking at them I wasn't sure, but with him holding them up my elbows were bent a little, so they must be closer, definately taller too. Hopefully I'll have it back on Monday or Tuesday and get to try them out! I'll let ya know. Have a good weekend. Ride Safe:)
I almost drove myself crazy pulling those pins out. I really didn't want to splice it anywhere. Looks like I may have to though. I can't get the wires out of sight like I want them. Still not long enough. Post us some pics with your new bars installed. Get some different angles so we can see the killer pullback. Enjoy your Birthday. GG :D
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