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Custom Chin Scoop for the 1300

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I have been asked many times in the past "where did I get the chin scoop on my 1300C?" So I figured I would do a quick write up on where I got it, and what I did to make it work. All I ask is, ANYONE who decides to do this, PLEASE post pics of your scoot with the scoop installed, on this thread. This way, anytime someone looks here, they will be able to see other bikes with this mod done.

I know there is the Possum Pusher for the 1300, which was available when I did this, but I liked the look of the pointed scoop over the squared front of the Possum Pusher. You may be able to find one 2nd hand, which will be a direct bolt on any 1300. But this is a fairly easy mod for anyone who is comfortable cutting a little bit of fiberglass and a little bit of paint.

If I remember correctly, the total price of this was under $150. That includes the cost of the scoop (delivered), buying some JB Weld, and a couple of cans of Black & Clear spray paint.

I originally modded the scoop for my 07 750C2 Spirit. The front dimensions of the frame on both bikes are 100% identical, so the work that needs to be done is the same.

First, I found the scoop on this website http://www.motorcycleenhancements.c...V-Star_1100_Custom_Chin_Spoiler__Primed_.aspx . It is made for the V Star 1100, After measuring the frame on the V Star and my C2 (also 1300), I decided to purchase the scoop and retrofit it. This is how the scoop looks when it arrived at my door:
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As you can see by the original scoop, it is made for a bike without a radiator. So I took some measurements and cut out a little off the top center. Just enough so the scoop will sit better on the frame, snug against the radiator. It will not interfere with the radiator, and as you can see in the finish pics, there was enough from for my Irate customs radiator cover.

I drilled a couple of holes on the bottom sides of the scoop, so I can tie wrap the scoop to the lower frame rails. (The following couple of Pics are original moc-up on my C2. The 1300 will be the same) I also tie wrapped the top portion of the scoop, just for moc-up.

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Once I had it sitting the way I wanted, I then figured out a couple of mounting points (using tie wraps). I then used JB Weld on the inside of the scoop in a few locations to mount metal mounting tabs that the tie wraps will go through to hold the scoop to the frame. Sorry but I never took pictures of the tabs JB Welded in.

Once the tabs were cured and in place, I mounted it once more on the bike to make sure everything was right. Then I removed the scoop, prepped it and painted with a few coats of black, the a few more of clear. Wet sanded between coats, and buffed to a shine once done. I then mounted on the bike, and road with it on my 750 for a couple of years, and about 6K miles with no issues.

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When I bought my VTX & sold the 750 I removed the scoop and mounted it directly to the X. Since I was already aware the frames were identical, due to research the first time I made it, and looking into the Possum Pusher.

Here is a couple of pics of when I first put it on the VTX

And the most recent pics of my X from Nov 2013

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Lastly, here is a few pics I took tonight of the scoop mounted to the X. With the last one being a close up of how it mounts to the lower frame. Please keep in mind, I have a set of JDubs extensions, so you will see them in the pictures sticking out a bit further than stock.

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I really hope this helps anyone wanting a chin scoop. Any questions, feel free to ask. It isn't a hard mod to do, and wasn't expensive. The best thing is the custom look it adds to the bike.

Don't forget to add you pics to here if you decide to do this. I would like to see how it looks on other rides.
That is amazing. Looks totally awesome. Great work and write up
Thanks ND, I will be getting this scoop for sure. Thanks for the post. I'm sure many others will like this.
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