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I have been a rider for more than 4 decades. I guess you can call me "an old bastard". I just sold my beautiful fully maxed out VTX 1300 Retro. It had just about every concievable option you can imaging. I hated to see this gorgeous bike go and I can feel a sense of missing something from my simple life. I sold it for a reason. I believe this bike has a serious "DRIFT" problem. Maybe a flaw? I want to let you all know that I have had over 38 bikes in my lifetime and this will be my last. I think.

Let's get down to my facts I have discovered putting on 20,000 miles on this bike and going through a few sets of tires also. This bike has been serviced by two dealers also right on cue.

The bike simply drifts when at 70 plus mph on the freeway in a turn on any fast ramp when you need the power and speed to keep up with these crazy bastards on the rode out here in Los Angeles. Especially when they are right next to you trying to pass you recklessly and with brazen cowardice. I found this bike unervingly scary when it drifts. I have ridden motorcross in races in the early 70's and have also set a few land speed records at ACTO speedway in N.J. I have also crossed the United States a few times on another cruiser i use to own. I really don't consider myself a expert of riding motorcycles or anything like that. So I don't think it would be wrong to maybe call me a real biker as my friends have pointed out many times. So maybe I am a expert in some way. Putting it with much humbleness as I can.

I checked with both dealers also and with so called kid experts out here and the old timers. The front tire wares unevenly and this gives a clue into what just is the performance dynamics engineering that could be missing and Honda seems to just want to sweep this under the mat so to speak, giving this bike a down right dangerous dis-position. If you lean to much in these turns at highway speeds the bike wants to take you in the next lane and if you feel you have to overcompinsate in the lean it feels as if the bike wants to slide out and go down. Weight? Tires ? Real handling problem? Engineer flaw? The bike also was really hard to ride with no hands with the balance of this heavy beast. Don't get me wrong here I loved that bike. It was beautiful. But it also reminded me of a beautiful arabian horse my girlfriend owned. Beautiful to look at but damm dangerous to ride.

At any rate the bike is now gone. Sold. I gave it away also with the price I got. I have had many bikes and just found this bike to be a little scary on the highway and tight turns. I have had other heavy cruisers bigger than this bike and have not found this problem. I was a little concerned about my well being so after 3 years I sold this beautiful arabian.
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