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[h=1]Devil's Hwy and Dinner with Ghosts!![/h][h=3]Friday, April 24, 2015[/h]7:00 PM
[h=3]Village Inn[/h]575 W Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ

This is a day-and-a-half ride!
We leave Friday at 7pm. Ride out and bed down for the night in the Thatcher/Safford Area. We get up bright and early for breakfast at Denny's and we're off to tackle Devil's Hwy 191 (the old Hwy666) aka. Coronado's Trail. Creeped out yet? Well if it's twisties you're after, it's twisties you'll get! It is not uncommon to get down to 10-15mph!
We'll stop for lunch on the way and have dinner at Payson's world famous Journigan House! It's supposed to be haunted! I don't think so but the food was good!

KSU Fri at 7pm
KSU Sat at 7am
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