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OK…So I have to whine a little because it’s a little sore and jealous. You see, currently I am in strange 5-sided building away from my Texas oasis I call home and I miss my big jugged beauty. I will not be able to wash, shine, showoff, or even see my beauty until I finish working in odd 5-sided building. I really miss her and I’m sure she misses me too. We spent many Texas days cruising the Guadalupe River, Devils Backbone or other hill country destinations. Fredericksburg, Luckenbach, New Braunfels, Seguin and Flatonia have all been on the menu at one time or another.

Although there are some riders in the 5-sided building, most of the villagers here are strange and I think some can be classified as cannibals, or worse yet, self-licking ice cream cones. You must exercise extreme caution when you travel through the different villages inside the building. Many are safe and will in fact offer sanctuary to those in need. Others can force you into labor causing you great pain. If you’re not careful you could end up in/on a working group, tiger team, or become the dreaded POC for this, that, and the other. Time is always running out and suspenses cannot be broken. I find sanctuary in my cubicle away from spears, cynical looks, and anti-metric comments.

Enough about this place. The stories of your travels, tales of changes to the machine and friendship bring me back to a happy place. A place where we travel to yet another destination, have beer with friendly folk, and sing (off-key) to vintage rock songs. So keep up the tales warriors of the asphalt. There are many riders out here looking up to you, wishing, if but for a minute, to be in your shoes.

BTW: I miss my VTX too…I didn’t want to leave her out.


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