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Dirty, nasty 1300c wheels....

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I having a hell of a time getting my wheels clean. Everytime i wash the bike they get worse and worse. Is there something special i should use on them to get them clean? any help would be cool because i have a clean new bike with crappy old looking wheels.

PS the bike is only like 2 or 3 months old

thanks everyone
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coley said:
Hey Xhoppers...I'm not trying to be an A** here. what happened in the other thread is least in my mind, but from what I've read and seen in person, our 1300 wheels aren't clear coated. It might be different for other models, but not the 1300C. If anyone has clear coated rims...please speak up.
Yes - I agree - I don't know of any VTX rims - 13, 18, C,R, that are clearcoated. Maybe it's another one of those X-Chopper California things...where the 06's are lean, Amsoil isn't fit to be used in lawnmowers, and properly jetted bikes lose mileage. :hmm2:

gfd205 - A good aluminum polish and a lot of work will get them looking good. Then just keep them up. Easier if you have a lift - or if the wheels are off the bike (like at tire change time)
If you really want it easy, have them chromed.
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Green Ghost said:
If your wheels are on a 05 or 06 They probably still have the factory clear coat on them. Clean them good with a good quality cleaner wax. I use Mothers and Mequiers both will turn your yellowing clear coat back to clear. This is not a metal polish. It is a cleaner wax for the clear coat paint on your wheels.
There is no clearcoat on any 1300 rims.
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