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Driven by a little old lady

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Hey guys, I have an ‘06 Miata MX-5 that my mother gave my daughter. My daughter needs a car she can use to get to college while being able to carry her stuff. The Miata is in great shape, was literally driven by a little old woman for 87 if it’s 93k miles. If you’re interested or know someone who is, let me know!!

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That is funny. My 17 year old son was looking at Miatas for a college car. I talked him out of one here that was used up. Instead, he bought an 86 MR2. Still not a big car, but it checked all of the boxes. 1. Pop up head lights 2. Rear wheel drive 3. Manual transmission. He is attending the University of Idaho, they actually get snow there.. I think he is in for a rude awakening this winter.
When I went to college there (for more years than a Bachelor's degree really should take), I rarely drove anywhere, especially in the winter.
Cars at U of I are just one more thing to cost you money. If you're not spending money on a crazy expensive parking permit, you're paying through the nose for parking tickets. Once you're on campus, you're not able to drive anyway - it's all walkway system for pedestrians and bicycles only.
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