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Have 2 used sets (pairs) of pegs for sale. 1st set is the Kuryakyn Iso Stirrup Pegs that can be used as driver pegs or as highway bar pegs (with the 1 1/4" clamps included). The actual peg would fit a standard female peg mount.

2nd set is Higway Bar Pegs that extends out 8" from mount
(plus peg is 4 1/2"). They are angle adjustable with allen bolt.
The built in "clamp" for this set is adjustable to fit up to 1 1/2". This would fit around the frame of the MS to be used mounted to the frame (instead of mounted to highway bar). Both are in good shape. Prices include shipping to lower 48 states.

Kuryakyn Iso Stirrup Pegs (w/1 1/4" clamps): $50.00

Highway Pegs (w/extender/clamp unit): $40.00

*Buy both pairs for $80.00
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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