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Drivers Backrest

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Installed backrest I had on order from Utopia Products. Truly is fully adjustable. Requires taking the passenger seat apart, but well worth the hour of labor involved. What a difference!! Beside's the risers, the backrest is the next best add on in my opinion and would recommend one to anybody without one.:choppersm
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I realize that this is not a separate backrest but the Mustang seat provides 9" of backrest without a separate one. pics in my gallery
they are GIVI E41 and I had to adapt a National cycle hard bag bracket and then bolt the bags on. they work really nice with the extra opening for small items or open clam shell for large objects

The trunk is an E450 monolock bolted directly to the luggage rack
which risers did you put on and did you have to change any cables
1 - 3 of 17 Posts
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