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Just a FYI

I find the VTX seat to be a real pain in the butt. So to solve the issue of my heated gear having a different connector type than my trickle charger and Slime air pump ... I purchased an adapter.

My Heated Gear power lead is a Coax female. My pump and charger are SAE. The adapter in the attached pic allows me to use the Fused heated gear power lead for all my devices without having to screw around with that seat !!

I originally had it the other way around, the SAE power lead on the bike with a SAE to female, but I dropped that cable and was unable to use my heated gear on one occasion. This way, I can put the adapter up until I need it ... the heated gear is always available and no chance of dropping the adapter.

I got mine from He has a few different flavors available, was the cheapest I could find; about seven bucks to my door, and I got it quickly.
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