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Wanted to get it out on people's calendars early so that we can plan ahead.

I would like to invite surrounding X riders to come over to my place on 18 December for a Meet and Greet. There will be food :stirpot: and drink :coffee: for all and plenty of stuff to stay busy with. ..... no alcohol please. Families are welcomed.

Jacksonville, NC is where I hang my helmet and I have sufficient parking for plenty of cages/bikes in the drive and cul de sac.

Address will be posted later for driving plans....:choppersm

I think it would be a nice touch too to make it a Toy Run as well and we can each donate an unwrapped new toy to the U.S. Marine's Toys for Tots program. I will arrange for the donation drop off point to allow for everyone to ride a reasonable distance safely and drop off their items before they depart the M&G.

I am open to ideas about what else can be done that day so please speak up.....

Here is the general directions map for early planning.

Please let me know if you can how many people may be attending. Thanks and see all you then.
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