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Engine Oil - RoyalPurple

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Anybody using / used royalpurple oil. :)
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Not trying to hijack a thread, but what else is everyone running if not Royal Purple?? Amsoil?? Just a newbie question...but my first change is just about due(600 miles).
Well, you have your:
Amsoil bike oil
Mobile 1 racing 4t
Shell Rotella T
Honda (cough) oil
among others, but those seem pretty popular.

Are you looking for fully synthetic, blend, or conventional oil?
never use any synthetic oil
it will cause your wet clutch to slip, the thin synthetic oil will get past the rings and make your bike smoke, plus new oil leaks will show up and synthetic oil will cause bearing slippage.
Also check with your local Honda Dealer, using any synthetic may void your warranty.
Thats funny...I have well over 50,000 miles running nothing BUT synthetic....even including (gasp) synthetic car oil. Original clutch, uses zero oil, no smoking, runs better than new.

Honda is now selling their own FULL synthetic bike oil, and nothing about not running it in the owners manual either.

I wish these old wives tales would stop being passed around.
1 - 2 of 29 Posts
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