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Exhaust Heat Retention -

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Here's the deal, my 1800R already had a set of Cobra Drags installed when I purchased it. I got tired of the overwhelming rumble/roar while riding. I know, "if its to loud, your to old", but these were causing to many headaches. I spoke with the local Honda dealer & he had another customer wanting these specific pipes. So....I swapped him straight across for them. I got a stock set of pipes & he got the Cobra Drags & he had to pay the dealer for all labor costs to swap em. I am not to excited about the sound of these stock pipes (which I expected). However I really like the look of them. Recently while out on a ride with my wife, we both noticed the VTX was much hotter than usual & the right side near the floorboard got so hot she had to move her foot & rest it in my lap. I decided to look into yet another set of exhaust. Upon further internet searching I like the look, sound, testimonies, & price of the mufflers. I was wondering if anybody has noticed a reduction in exhaust (or engine) heat after installing a set of their mufflers? OR if anbody has another set of exhaust that reduced heat retention while giving out a not so overwhelming rumble?
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I stopped by Bill and the gang several years ago and purchased a set. Everyone was very friendly. Im no help with your question, but I STRONGLY suggest hearing a set on an 1800. I made the mistake of hearing them on a 1300. After I heard them on my 1800, I sold them in a heartbeat. Hated the sound. With the dual pin crank, to me it sounded like 2 55 gallon drums on the end of the pipe. If you like them great. Sound is very subjective so hear them first before you shell out the cash. Good luck.
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