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Exhaust pipe removal

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I need to remove the front (bottom) exhaust pipe so I can adjust the travel of the rear brake lever (found a good post for this part)...however, removing the exhaust pipe seems a bit daunting of a task. Is there any easy way to take off the pipe(s)? Also, I guess I need to buy new crush washers? It really looks like it is going to be a bitch to tighten them back up, especially the bottom nuts, even if I do get them off. Any advice?
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Really simple. Took me about 10 minutes is all. A lot of people recommend getting a crows foot ratchet to help but I just used a regular open-end wrench with no troubles. Once off, make sure you get the old crush gaskets out! They are hard to see. Also, make sure you dont cross thread the stud/acorns when putting the exhaust back on
They're almost impossible to see. I took a screw driver and hit the end of the exhaust port, flexed the gasket so I could see it and made it easier to grab
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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