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Exhaust pipe removal

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I need to remove the front (bottom) exhaust pipe so I can adjust the travel of the rear brake lever (found a good post for this part)...however, removing the exhaust pipe seems a bit daunting of a task. Is there any easy way to take off the pipe(s)? Also, I guess I need to buy new crush washers? It really looks like it is going to be a bitch to tighten them back up, especially the bottom nuts, even if I do get them off. Any advice?
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Any "simple" job always takes me hours. Not sure, by every time a job seems easy, something always goes wrong! I've taken off the exhaust on more than one occasion and it's pretty simple. The hardest part was getting the old crush gaskets out. They can be a PIA. They can blend in with everything else and you won't even realize they are in there. I ran with my old set and new set in there until I confirmed with my friend that was helping me that he never took them out..... oops. Good luck.
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