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Exhaust Tips and Baffles

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The stock pipes on my 1300s look fantastic and I love the look. Very satisfied with the design. I noticed a lot of other bikes with aftermarket pipes and always thought they looked good as well. I just want to keep the stock look on the bike.

However, I keep hearing about the Clayton Mod and how the sound is louder. After talking with another rider, he told me that he changed his pipes on his Road King to make sure he is heard on the highway. He also mentioned that when he goes on runs with other bikers, everyone needs to be heard within the group on the run (blind spots, etc).

I think I'm finally getting the point on different pipes and mods. Rather than drill holes or change out pipes, will new exhaust tips with new baffles work?

I would prefer not to drill holes but try to acheive a louder exhaust this way if it will work.

Any thoughts?

Thank you

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i am trying to understand how loud pipes help. here is why, when you are in your car and you look in the rearview mirror and there is an ambulance with lights and siren going, when do you hear the siren. pretty much when they 2 or so car lengths from you, now this is a loud high pitch sound facing forward and you can't hear that how do the cagers hear low pitch pipes facing the rear hear you coming any quicker. just curious. I completely agree with the louder horns for in town trafiic use etc.
thats the best reason for changing pipes I just don't agree with trying to justify it by saying that it saves lives or something like that based on the above reasoning. If you like it and it is quote unquote legal then do it thats all
1 - 2 of 14 Posts
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