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Factory Pro Jet Kit - Already installed

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I picked up an 09 1300t in September and the PO cored out the exhaust, and replaced the intake with one of the spike intakes (not a fan, but oh well). It was running OK, but real lean, so I wound up riding around with the fuel enricher pulled out abut 1/4 the way all the time. I made a restrictor plate to block some of the intake air flow (installed under the filter, where the point of the spike attaches to the tube), which helped some...

Long story short, installed the jet kit yesterday. Found the original needle shaft was bent, and the tip of the needle crimped and bent. Replaced with the needle from the kit on position 4, installed the jets from the kit (215 main jet), installed the air/fuel mixture screw from the kit at 2 turns out, removed the restrictor plate, and it's a whole new bike. If you are running aftermarket/high flow intake, Just do it!

Just a thanks to all who post write-ups and how to's on this forum.

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Glad it worked out so well for you.
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