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Finally Got My "T"

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Hey Guys,
Finally took delivery of my new 1800T Spec2. Alredy installed Cobra Longs with Slash Tips from the Speedsters & Quiet Baffles, Paladin Quick Release backrest, Easy Brackets (Not using stock bags and still undecided as to what to use), Paladin Hi-Way Bar, Memphis Shades Batwing with black gradient 12" shield, ClocksforBikes black face clock and thermometer & Scootworks 4" risers. Ordered, Baron's Tach, Kuryakin license plate housing (man the stock one is uuuugly), and Kuryakin driving lights to mount to the Hi-Way Bar. Got about 250 miles on it so far (still raining in New Jersey). I haven't ridden in 8 years and I forgot how much fun it is!!!!! I'll post pics soon (soon as I figure out how, guess I'll have my daughter do it). Gotta say reading up on all the past posts has been tremendously helpful and I've already got my list of winter projects: Pair Valve, electrical ground, etc. Thanks to all and I look forward to sharing in the future on the Cafe.
Steve :choppersm
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Congradulations (strains of pomp and circumstance) on your 08/18T2. Mine is an 07/18R2 done over for the 1st buyer as a T by adding Hondaline parts. So it fits the bill and is a dream to ride, esp. on the freeway at 75 - 80. The Hondaline fake leather bags aren't worth the bother. I do not like them, period. The close with poor fitting snaps and sloppy fitting buckles. Looking around for better is a good plan. Other wise these are great bikes. Enjoy, be safe.
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