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Finally got to take a "long" ride yesterday

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I've owned my bike for about 3 weeks now and yesterday I finally got a chance to take it for a ride in the mountains. I forgot how fun it is to just get away and be out on a bike. But it did teach me a few things. First off, I NEED A NEW SEAT!!! I bought a gel pad for the stock seat thinking that would help. I guess it helped a little, but not enough. I think I have the flattest ass in the world! Must have been all the spankings I got as a kid, LOL! My back was hurting a little too after being hunched over for so long. That may be just because I haven't ridden in a while, but I may want to get some new risers. Also, the suspension kinda sucks. I hit some bumps on the highway and I felt like I was being bucked off. And I could feel every bump I hit on the road with the front tire. I'll play with the shock adjusters but new shocks may be in my future too.
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^^ You forgot the "s" at the end :D
I was planning on sending my seat out to them as well, if I can't rework the seat myself. I re-did my passenger seat with new shaped foam and covered it all with a fake wool covering.. she loves it.

Just being able to get away and not think about much else but riding is a great feeling. Especially if you're not on a time schedule and just GO! Feels good man.:choppersm
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