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Sooner or later you WILL get caught in the rain...again. But high end (i.e. GoldWing touring bike oriented) MC rain suits can run between $350 and $800! So a lot of riders turned to sports oriented rain gear to see what was available. Here in the South the cheaper PVC suits were out unless you just wanted to lose weight in sweat till you passed out off of your bike.

Frogg Toggs look and feel a little strange, but they DO work. It's sorta like wearing a chemical suit made of industrial paper towels...but that's just MY description (actually they are made of a 3-ply material they call Dura/Vent. An ultra-thin microporous film, similar to activent, and sandwiched between two layers of ultra-thin polypropylene). Main thing is that they do work and nothing out there of quality that's both breathable AND water/wind proof is a inexpensive.

The sports line (Pro Action) is the most popular line and is used by Golfers/Anglers/Archers/Hikers and it's on sale for only $50 (MSRP is $65 - they used to be just under $100) with FREE shipping at their online site! That's REALLY good, especially when you remember you are getting BOTH the top and bottoms!

Personally, I bought the Road Toads a year ago. My only complaint is that the neck hole is too large for my neck and water seeps down the zipper area sometimes, but I manage that with tying a bandana around my neck on the outside of my suit.

If you like the Pro Action model you might be able to find it at an even lower cost on the web. But I didn't as of today (29 NOV 2010).

The Frogg Togg Pro Action

The other websites selling them are also for around $50 (as of NOV, 2010) w/ and w/o shipping, so it looks like FroggTogg is matching or beating them (cheaper than Amazon) with its present sale price ($10 off).

Just for reference, these guys have the khaki and light blue ones for $40 (don't know about shipping):

Here's a REVIEW by a Fishing gear site:

Here's another REVIEW by a hiking/backpaking site:

Here's a REVIEW from a Motorcycle blogger:

If you get Frogg Toggs of any type you'll need (in my opinion) a heat-resistant gaiter for you right leg because they'll melt into a giant hole in a milisecond if you touch the pipe: ($13 for one) Of course, that won't help you if you lean on the pipe while dismounted...

NOTE: If you're a Crafty Cathy then you can just glue an appropriate piece of old ironing board cover on your right inside leg from just below the knee to the ankle.

Frogg Togg's "sell" for the Pro Action suit...

OUR MOST POPULAR SUIT, the Pro Action Suit has been a staple of outdoor enthusiasts for years. Our Pro Action Suit has helped wearers endure hiking treks along the Appalachian Trail, downpours in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state and 500-mile motorcycle rides. Our suits store easily in a tackle box, golf bag or motorcycle storage compartment.

  • The Pro Action Suit features a roomy jacket with a hood that zips into the collar. Use it when you need it, hide it when you don't. The full-length zipper is covered by a storm flap that snaps closed to keep wind and rain out. The pants have pass-through pockets, elastic waist with barrel-pull drawstring and 8-inch zippers with elastic cuffs.
Hope this was of help to someone out there looking...

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Thanks a lot, Cage. I also heard good things about frog togs, but more about for hiking and boating and stuff. Wasnt sure if they would hold up on a motorcycle.
Ride safe

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I've got a set,Good rain protection.

Here in FL, you gotta keep them with you just about every day.
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