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front cylinder too lean.

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Does this indicate valves are out of spec on front jug? I've inspected the plugs again. Rear cylinder looks good to me, possibly a little on the lean side. Couldn't tell with stock pipes, but once i went w/2 into 2 pipes; easy to the see that the front is the culprit.
Any suggestions to what I need too address; greatly appreciated.
I don't have a fuel manager installed. It's an '02 c
The first 6 inches of the front pipe yellow'd from the front cylinder, probably within the first 50 miles.
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What makes you think it's lean? If you put single wall pipes on, they will turn colors. Most of the Xs are lean to meet EPA reqs. If everything is in proper working order, the only other way to influence the A/F mix is to install a programmable fuel chip.
You're right. It's seperate on the 02-03. Not pricey and not real easy to access one of the bolts. Symptoms of a faulty FPR are; running rich, running poorly and fuel in the oil.
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