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Front RIGHT Brake Pads dragging pretty badly

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This seemed to start after I re-mounted my rim (replaced the front tire) last season. I followed the steps from Bare's VTX page as far as keeping the pinch bolts loose and slamming the front brake a few times (and even bumping tire into a curb) to supposedly set things into their proper position. His page says that LEFT side dragging is common when not aligned properly, but that the right side is not adjustable. Any idea why the RIGHT side would be dragging and what I could do to fix it? I can't ride the bike now because the pads are toast, and I don't want to put new ones on until I figure out how to get the problem corrected. I may also need a new rotor because the right one is pretty well glazed and I'm not sure these can be resurfaced?

Guessing I should inspect and clean the pistons to make sure they move as they should, but since this seemed to start right after I re-mounted my rim I'm thinking it's more related to that.

If I can't get this figured out soon I will have to have the stealer get things straightened out before a big trip that I have coming up, but the problem there is that I will not know how to prevent this problem the next time I re-mount my rim... So I would really prefer to do this myself (with help from you great folks)!

Thank you!
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I have heard of some putting the spacers in backwards and it really binds up the brake. One spacer is slightly smaller than the other, can't remember which goes on what side but I believe that that info is in the book.
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