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Front suspension bottoming out hard

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So I just got a 2003 VTX 1800C. The guy I bought it from said that progressive springs were installed in the front and I noticed it bottoms out and is very jarring when going over anything but the smallest of bumps. When resting, the forks are compressed to the point where there is only about 2 inches of travel space left before they would bottom out. When we took the cap off the forks, the fluid level was just below the threading for the cap. Trying to get this sorted out before any damage is caused by bottoming out, if we lift the front tire off the ground, they decompress about 4-5 inches. Thoughts? In a week, we plan to take them off, drain them, and take a look. Do we think these springs are shot and I should try to find a new set of springs before then?
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Were the springs replaced correctly? The 1800 has one fork inverted. I'd bet it was installed incorrectly.
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