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Ft. Gibson Highway 80

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If you're in the area of Ft. Gibson lake, highway 80 around the east side is a nice scenic ride with lots of twisties and not a lot of traffic.

Here's a pic, I came through Wagoner to Hulbert and then to Okay, back to Wagoner.

and here, people think Oklahoma is flat...

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I would have to agree....pic looks pretty flat to me...:bleh:

Sorry could not resist....Looks like a good ride....what were the total miles?...
That little jaunt is 21 miles.
There's certainly no bail-out area to speak of so I was hugging the right side pretty tight just in case I was going to meet someone crossing the center line. It was a fun ride but not one to let your guard down on.

I think I only came across two cagers on the entire ride, which only made the ride that much better.
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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