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Fuel Tank R/R

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My new tank arrived and was going to do the install once I get the fuel level down. I went through the service manual and think I understand but something's missing. I understand taking off the speedo, unbolting the tank, unhooking the front end........ BUT where is the low fuel indicator. Where is does that work. I read something about testing it through the fuel pump assy. Do I need to be concerned with it when replacing the tank? Thanks for the help.
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I believe you are talking about what, in my manual, is called the reserve fuel sensor. It is on the underside of the tank, under about where the backmost part of you dash bezel is. There is a metal plate there with 4 nuts (!!!!) and a 3-wire harness on it. In my manual there is a pic of it on page 19-25 where it tells how to test it. I have not removed it so do not know what is involved but I believe this is what you are asking about. I believe your my 2007 1800R S2 is set up the same as yours in this regard. Hope this helps at least with location.
Thanks Scott. Have not pulled the new tank out yet so. Don't know what the underside looks like. All I know is that when the old tank went flying when I did the desmog, I didn't pay much attention to it and it still worked. Hopefully it's a matter of just transferring to the new tank.
Do yourself a favor and go to the stealer and get an o-ring to install when you pull the sensor out, only costs a couple of bucks, but may save you some headache later. Thats what I did on mine when I swapped tanks.:hmm2:

Definitely replace the o-ring on that part. Any oring that has been exposed to gas will expand and grow larger once it is removed and hits air.
Yfx4.....what service manual is that from. My manual is black/white and doesn't have that pic. Just curious.
I have the print version of the manual R/S/T 2002-2008.
I have the print version of the manual R/S/T 2002-2008.
Honda or Clymer.
Honda. The pics I posted are my tank. I have it off to do valve adjustment so took some pics. The manuals pics are for testing function of the sensor.
Ok, that explains it. Thought I was going crazy...and my wife will confirm it. Thanks for the info.
Finished the R/R the other night. Lot easier than I thought. Thanks for the tip on the o-ring. $3.50 well spent. My wife was shocked that I completed the job in about an hour and no tools went airborne. I think the hardest part was getting the damn seat screws back in. Probably should have done the seat pin mod while I was at it. Maybe another time. Now if it would just stop raining.
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