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Gas Tank Emblems

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I have not seen any info on removing the embles from the sides of the gas tank. Can anyone who's done this give me some info on what this entails. I haven't been able to start prying at them yet. I figured it may be easier to hear from someone that has already done it. Any info would be GREAT. Thanks.
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You really have nothing to worry about as long as you follow any one set of the instructions.

My favorite method is the hotwater (from a tea kettle) and dental floss/fishing line. Take your time, and clean up with some wd40 or goof off. I have debadged most of my cars, and taken off a lot of the stickers and badges on the VTX. I have kept the tank emblems because I really like their look though.

Trust me, after you start cutting into wiring harness, grinding off brake line guides, and all of the other stuff that will do to make the bike yours, this will seem like a piece of cake....

just take your time, and be sure you want them off, committ, and execute..Then look back in revel in your accomplishment....
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