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Gas Tank Emblems

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I have not seen any info on removing the embles from the sides of the gas tank. Can anyone who's done this give me some info on what this entails. I haven't been able to start prying at them yet. I figured it may be easier to hear from someone that has already done it. Any info would be GREAT. Thanks.
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they're stuck on with 2 sided tape. use a heat gun to warm them up and pull 'em off . you can also use folded dental floss and saw them off . clean up remaining tape with wd40. , alchohol,3m general purpose adhesive remover etc. DO NOT use acetone paint thinner etc.
no scratches at all. Just warm them up first and pull them off. keep tools away from tank and you won't have any problems's just tape
1 - 2 of 20 Posts
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