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Glens 1800 Gas Cap Hinge Shipping Info.

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Just back from the chromer. I will put them together and ship in the morning.
Thanks for waiting.


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oh boy, i am gona be smilin for days.

thanks buddy
I'm looking forward to getting it on my bike. They look Great.
Need one Glen. Can you get it to me before tomorrow? Lol. Ordering now!
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Ordered a week and a half ago. Eagerly awaiting it's arrival!
I believe I noticed somewhere that there was mention of a fitment issue on the 1800C's? Something about having to mount the hinge upside down or something? Sorry my details are fuzzy but these look great and I'm definitely interested but how do I know if I would have to have the gas cap hinge up or down on my 2002 1800C?

Pm Glen and ask. He's a great guy to do business with.
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You need 3 inches of chrome tank cover to mount the hinge below the cap.
If not, then you can mount it above the cap.
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I am so stoked!!! Can't wait until it gets here!!!!:mosh:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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