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Glens a/f 2 turns out on stock. Setup

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And still running rich. How far can I turn it in without risking damage to bike by running too lean

bike has stock jets, clean carb, stock airbox with clean filter.

I would have thought 2 turns would have been the most I would need. I know with modified air box or scar mod people go farther in but this bike has neither.
Suggestions on how far to adjust and how to know when I hit the sweet spot without replacing plugs 10 more times?
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Adjust it to where you need it. Too far in is not a problem other than at full A/F screw closure the bike should stall and even just a tiny bit out, it might stall. Of more concern is going too far out. I have never heard of needing to go more than 3 full turns out. Did you make sure to remove the old o-ring, washer, and spring when you installed the new Glen's A/F screw and did you put the new o-ring, washer, and spring onto the end of Glen's A/F screw in the proper order (o-ring then washer, then spring going from point of screw toward knob end.
Yes. The spring, washer and o ring from the old screw came out. I had to fish for the o ring but got it out. Glens is just under 2 turns out now and it is running better. I believe they come from the factory at 1 5/8 but haven’t seen anyone else need to turn Glens that far in.
I was carbon fouling all four plugs at 2 turns out.
At least with Glens the adjustment is easy.
Thanks for the response.
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