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Glen's Garage Review

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I had the opportunity to go directly to Glen's Garage since he worked less than five from my work. I decided to have the permanent a/f toggle and the clutch relief put on my bike. I have a stock intake and exhaust right now but will have gutted stock pipes in this week. I have to say it was a great learning experience being at Glens. Not only did he help with putting the parts on, but he also showed me how to do them and really let me dive into doing it (with his supervision of course). I had a great experience with Glen and his parts made a huge difference. The clutch relief made it feel like butter when I shifted, it was so much easier with the feathering while shifting gears. The a/f made the bike run much smoother and the throttle response was great. Thanks again Glen for not only designing the parts but also for helping a novice motorcycle rider with how to work a little more on his bike!
If you dont have either of these parts, you need to pick them up NOW!!!
If you would like, check out my youtube video I made to not only show these parts, but a before video of my stock pipes and plan on making another when I get the new pipes on.
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Dito, Dito, Dito!!!

I installed Glen's clutch relief, A/F permanent adjustment tool, and the 4" extension. I even had to call Glen when I thought I lost the A/f installation tool. I didn't, it was between the fins where he said it might be. Each one of these has made a great improvement. My hand doesn't get tired shifting, my bike runs so much better with the adjustment to the A/F, and I am amazed at the difference the headlight extension makes. So much more of the chrome on the headlight is available and it is a bitch-en look. Cudos to Glen.:cheers:
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