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Glen's Perm A/F Screw

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Got my new Glen's perm A/F screw and finally had time to put it in the carb. First let me say that if you have the stock airbox get ready to remove the usual parts, seat, tank, airbox and what ever else you might want to remove. Once that is done and the old A/F screw is removed it is a piece of cake. The screw come complete with spring, washer and o-ring somethignI was not expecting, went in very easy and was no problem adjusting. This is a must have for all of us stock airbox guys. Thanks Glen.
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What is the Charlie D mod by the way not high jacking the thread I installed the permanent mount screw yesterday and love it
:confused:Just for thought I had a guy who is a pretty good mechanic telling me to pull the crankcase breather out of the air box and hook it into on of the heads were the pair valve was. You must have your read valve in place for it to work but he says it will lower the crankcase pressure and help a little with performance.:hmm2:I had already removed my reeds or I might of tried it.
1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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