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Good news/Bad news/Good news.....

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We just got back from our trip to Tennessee in the Gatlinburg area, I for some reason cannot upload photos anymore to my albums:nope:, have not been able to figure out why even though I've been doing it for close to three years:hmm2:.....Any way, To view some of our pics I can paste a link to facebook page to view, the only problem is, you must have a facebook account to log in to see them. If anyone has an answer to how to fix my problem with uploading pics, please let me know. The following pics are just a sample of the over 200 photos we did get. It contains pics of our cabin, attractions in Gatlinburg, and ride pics on The Dragon...etc. The young man with us is my 18yo son. Please enjoy.

Will have to postpone the pics for a short while due to tech difficulties:banghead:
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You don't have the permissions on the album set to everyone. right now it is showing "People who aren't friends with Karen see only some of her profile information. If you know Karen personally, add her as a friend." Go to your album, click on Add More, then on Edit Info and change the Privacy to EVERYONE. Should be able to see it then.

Thanks, wasn't sure exactly how this was going to work. Being as the pics are on my wife's f/b account, I'm going to have to upload the pics to my f/b account & then re-post, sorry everyone, but she has her need for only letting friends see her posts & wall, she's LEO & needs this kind of protection for herself & her family:icon_susp. I will try to get pics posted on F/B and post a link soon.:banghead:
Pics of recent Tennessee Trip(Very pic heavy!)

OK, one more time, going to post links to Facebook albums, they are divided into different viewing groups, pics of our cabin, The aquarium & other sites in Gatlinburg, The Dragon & other scenic pics, and Misc photos as well. Please enjoy & comment as you see fit. The young man with us is my 18yo son.

OK, I've edited the privacy settings on each link to allow everyone to view, if it still doesn't work,....I'll just start a new thread all over again, I refuse to open yet another account to post pics when I should be able to post up albums right here on this site....
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First two links worked like a charm! 2nd two Content not found message. Understand the privacy thing...Great pics!

Hopefully I fixed it.
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