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2005 VTX 1800F2 w/240 Phat Tire
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how much you want to spend?

best mirror I have ever used on my VTX are the Kuryakyn 1425 mirrors. Kuryakyn - 1435 - Blind Spot Turn Signal Mirrors for sale online | eBay

IMO, best mirrors hands down.

the arms are long enough to push the mirror out past your shoulder so you can actually see what is behind you and not your shoulders.

the mirrors are large and oval; giving a very broad range of view

the chrome is done well, 16 years on my bike and they still polish up and look brand new.

The LED is nice, personally didn't use it as a turn signal just a running light, and it adds a bit of presence to the side of the bike if you wire it as a running light, at night it makes you more noticeable to cagers that might otherwise change lanes into you.
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