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Guidelines for the classified forum: READ

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The Rules
By posting in this forum you are acknowledging that you have read and agree to the following rules/disclaimer.

One Item Per Ad:

Please limit each ad to one item (unless the parts are being sold as a set or group).

How to Title Your Post:
For Sale Ad titles should look like this: "For Sale: (brief description)" (not 'FS', or 'F/S' or any other combination)

Wanted to Buy Ad titles should look like this: "WTB: (brief description)"

What to Include in Your Ad (in this order):

Item Description -
Asking/Offering Price -
Email Address -
Your Location -
Pics (if available) -
* Please do not include phone numbers. You can PM phone numbers to buyers/sellers.

Note: Proper formatting of your ad is critical. Ads that do not follow the proper formatting will either be edited by a moderator, or given one day to comply before being deleted.

Bumping Ads:
Please only bump your ad if it is more than 5 threads from the top of the page. Please use 'BUMP' or 'TTT'

Responding to Ads:
Please keep your replies relevant to the post. Ask questions regarding the part, acknowledge your interest to buy, etc.
You may also want to try and contact the buyer/seller via the email address listed in the ad or by sending them a PM.

After the Sale:

Once the item is sold, please edit the thread title to include *SOLD* (for FS ads) or *FOUND* (for WTB Ads) at the beginning of the title. Remember, leave feedback for the buyer/seller using our Trader Rating Feedback.


No Commercial Posts:
You may not post multiple, new items for sale. This includes TFN sponsors (please post in the "New Products and Deals" Forum).

Replying to Posts:

Do NOT take the thread off topic.
Do NOT cherry pick (post your own parts for sale in someone else's ad).
Do NOT make harassing comments about quality, price, seller, other members, etc.

Note: The Classified Forums are not 'Discussion' forums.

Also, if someone asks the seller a question, leave the question to be answered by them. Don't meddle in other's business please.

We reserve the right to delete any ad, at any time, for any reason. Feel free to PM, IM, or E-Mail a moderator if you have questions/concerns.


By using these forums to Buy/Sell/Trade you doing so at your own risk. There is no guarantee made to the legitimacy of the offers contained in this, or any other forum, on this web site. Please use caution when dealing with other people, especially those that you are not familiar with. We suggest the use of escrow services for items of high value. By using this forum you agree that, it's owners, agents, et al. will not be held liable in any way, shape, or form regarding any transactions stemming from use of this site/forum. These rules are subject to revision at any time.
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